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Welcome to Go West Music!

If you are wanting to learn to play an instrument, you are in the right place. Our headquarters is based in West Auckland but we have a team of professional teachers available to teach all throughout Auckland and the rest of New Zealand.

Learn A Musical Instrument

Learning to play an instrument is an extremely satisfying and rewarding creative outlet that we believe anyone and everyone should at least have a good go at. Go West Music provides music lessons for a range of instruments. Talk to us today to find out how we can help to get you started.

Guitar Lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons - Go West Music

Go West Music has a special place for guitar. We grew up in West Auckland playing music in bands and absolutely love guitar. We now have a range of guitar teachers ready and waiting to teach you where ever you are in New Zealand.

Learn from world-class teachers with a professionally structured and crafted series of guitar lessons suited to you and your musical style.

We provide both acoustic and electric guitar lessons for aspiring musicians at any age and any experience level.