Guitar Lessons West Auckland

Guitar Lessons West Auckland

Quality one on one private or online guitar lessons based in West Auckland.

Go-West Music are Auckland’s leaders in guitar teaching and have a team of expert guitar teachers ready to help start your journey into becoming a guitarist.

Electric guitar lessons West Auckland

Electric Guitar Lessons - Go West Music

Go West Music have professional electric guitar teachers based out in West Auckland to help kickstart your music career. Able to teach in a wide variety of styles including rock, metal, country, blues, jazz and pop. We will have you rocking that stage in no time at all!

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons - Go West Music

Want to learn how to play acoustic guitar? – you’ve come to the right place! Go West Music specialises in acoustic guitar lessons so whether you want to become a singer-songwriter and accompany yourself with an acoustic guitar, or learn full-blown percussive fingerstyle playing, or even if you just want to mess around strumming a few chords at your next Kiwi barbecue. We can help!

Full-Range Of Music Styles For Guitar

It doesn’t matter what style of guitar you want to play, we have the perfect series of professionally structured lessons designed specifically around the style of guitar music you want to learn. From classical, fingerstyle, pop, folk, rock, and much more, our world-class teachers can get you up and strumming that song in no time.

Easy and Structured Guitar Lessons

Our lessons have been developed to be well structured, yet flexible enough to be able to suit a wide range of goals and needs. We don’t want to restrict you because something goes out of the scope of the style of music you want to play.

We also go into details of what your guitar playing goals are. If you just want to take things casually, that’s great! We don’t want you to then go on and have to do a full blown theory course to only come out of it playing a couple of songs. On the other scale, if you want to learn to be a professional songwriter or musician then we have the ability to take you through to that next level.

All Music Skill Levels & Ages Welcome

It doesn’t matter your age or your level of skill when playing the guitar. It is not the easiest instrument to learn, but it sure can be rewarding and highly enjoyable to play once you start to quickly get the hang of it.

At Go-West Music, we teach aspiring guitarists for any skill levels, beginner right through to advanced.

We teach 6-year-olds to play the guitar successfully, and we also teach 60-year-olds to play the guitar successfully. Playing an instrument at any age can have huge benefits to your mental ability and coordination development.

Go West Music have successfully taught people of any age to learn guitar easily, effectively, and of course enjoyable!

Quality West Auckland Guitar Teachers

  • West Auckland based guitar teachers
  • Electric guitar and acoustic guitar lessons available
  • Able to teach a wide range of musical styles and genres
  • Professional high-quality and effective teaching structures

Get in contact today, our guitar teachers will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.